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Welcome to the Music Box. These are mostly uplifting songs from Last.FM about world peace, love and equality and also about Michael Jackson's intimate feelings about his life and his struggles against the hounding media and people trying to break him. Many of these tracks are by Michael Jackson since he was the ultimate writer of pop music that promoted world peace, love and equality.

I cannot emphasise just how amazing Michael Jackson's music is and how much emotion is poured out in each and every word he sings. Do a favour, buy the CDs and DVDs or buy his albums and videos on iTunes and get to know him as the magical performing genius that he was. The music alone just isn't enough, if you see his music videos and his live performances I guarantee they will blow your mind. And be sure to look for USA for Africa on iTunes too as when you purchase this album you are donating money towards the charity which continues to work to battle world poverty and provide education to the world about the issues of poverty.

I recommend clicking on the play button to shuffle through the full length songs rather than on individual titles as they only play a preview that way, plus there are far more tracks than what the widget is showing.