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Steak & Kidney Puddings

I recalled years ago telling some online friends from the US what I was having for dinner. "Steak and kidney pudding with chips and gravy." "EUGH!" came the answer which left me rather shocked.

This is because of the minor language barrier between British English and American English. In America the term "pudding" is given to a fruit filled dessert of a spongy consistency, so it's no wonder their first thoughts of a steak and kidney dessert made them think eugh!

In England "pudding" also stands for "dessert" in general. Steak and kidney pudding however is a main meal consisting of chunks of steak and kidney in a rich gravy sauce poured into a sealed unsweetened suet pastry case, steamed, and served with boiled or steamed vegetables and/or potatoes. The pastry which can either have a soft and slightly sticky doughy texture or a crumbly pie texture goes amazingly well with the steak and gravy and is a dish that can only be truely respected by the northern British people (many southern British people I've spoken to have never heard of or tasted steak and kidney puddings!)