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Annoying Spell Timers

As an avid player of Final Fantasy XIV I've gone above and beyond to improve my play quality, and one of those is dabbling with the addon Advanced Combat Tracker also known as ACT. Whilst it's in the TOS not to use 3rd party programs (including ACT) there is a bit of a blind eye turned towards ACT users as long as it doesn't breed toxicity towards other players or if you openly admit to using it and someone reports it.

Whilst ACT includes a feature to create custom triggers and has built in alerts like Deadly Boss Mods for World of Warcraft, the one thing that is missing is creating spell timers for certain events. These can be covered in a plugin for ACT called SPESPE Spell Timers by Hojoring. This wonderful extra plugin means I can create progress bars indicating what spells others have cast that I wish to keep track on so I don't accidentally miss or overlap my own spells with theirs. There's a great list of examples for creating spell timers by Ayonetta, however the site is in Japanese so all the spell names don't translate when you use Google's auto-translate. Also the list is a little outdated since some spells were removed or adjusted in FFXIV so even if you do figure out their English names you'll find some no longer exist or have had their properties changed.

Embolden Trouble

One of the biggest headaches I've had recently was making a spell timer for the Red Mage spell Embolden. This spell lasts 20 seconds and has a depreciating value where every 4 seconds the damage bonus is reduced by 20%. In SPESPE this causes the progress to reset every 4 seconds back to 20 seconds 3 times if you're using one of the spell timer examples by Anoyetta. To fix this you'll need to create a separate spell timer for Embolden and add this as the keyword to search for:

1A:<id8>:<mex> gains the effect of (?<effect>Embolden) from (?<user>.+?) for (?<duration>[0-9\.]+) Seconds\. \W5\W

No Love for Blue?

If you go through Ayonetta's examples and download the job action icons you'll notice that there are no examples or icons for Blue Mage! So I've decided to write a few of my own which I found very helpful. First you'll need to download my icons and the extra icon pack for Blue Mage:


The extra icons are for tracking what affects Condensed Libra has had on a target so you can adjust your spell rotation accordingly and take advantage of the extra damage bonus.

Next you'll need to import the following spell timers I created for them (you can adjust these later to your liking):


You will want to position the icons for the Attenuations spell panel so you can see when your target is afflicted by them (I have mine hovering above the target panel just enough so it doesn't overlap other debuffs) and the one for Physical Attentunation somewhere you can see it next to ones for tracking Trick Attack and Chain Stratagem if you are using them.

Physical Attenuation.xml

Another issue I came across with Blue Mages is that they use abilities that share the same names as the ones used by monsters, so if you're tracking spells such as Dragon's Voice and Ram's Voice then depending on how your triggers are set up you may have them going off at random every time a Blue Mage uses them and not just when a monster uses them. As of yet I'm to find a way to prevent the triggers from going off whenever a player uses them.